♦ What all do you need?
    ♦ How often and at what schedule?
    ♦ What amounts of insurance does your company require?
    ♦ Will the cleaning crew need any safety training to be able to service your facility?
    ♦ Will the cleaning crew need a twic card to access your facility?
    ♦ Would you require special equipment to service your facility such as ride on scrubbers, sweepers, floor cleaning equipment?

    ♦ Call three different janitorial service providers and ask if they have experience working with your type of facility whether it is a day care, refinery, medical space or whichever it may be.
    ♦ Set up a walk through with all three companies at the same time. You set the date & time.
    ♦ In that meeting hand them over a list of your requirements and expectations, explaining your reason of why you are searching a new cleaning company – service, safety issues, security issues or whatever it may be.
    ♦ Show them the facility at the same time & answer any questions they may have.
    ♦ Set a due date for all the bids to be turned in.
    ♦ Ask each company to include an option to terminate service with a written 30 day notice in case things do not work out. Never Sign a contract without an option to terminate it at any time.
    ♦ Ask each company to let you know in writing in the service agreement if the cleaning crew will be employee(s), subcontractors or franchisees.
    ♦ Ask each company to put it in writing how many hours of labor per service day or week or month you will be getting for your facility. The reason is for you to have a solid reference point to compare the pricing. Also because you don’t want to get any less of what you are paying for.
    ♦ If you have multiple locations make sure to let this known to your bidders. You might be able to get volume discount.
    ♦ Ask all bidders if they would be selling or assigning your contract to another company such as to a franchisee or to a subcontractor.

    Make sure cleaning contractor hires as employees the cleaning crew for your facility.
    ♦ Make sure your contract will not be sold or assigned to a different service provider.
    ♦ Don’t entertain subcontractors or franchisees in your facility.
    ♦ Check the schedule of work of each company and make sure they meet your expectations.
    Make sure you have an option to terminate the service.
    ♦ Check if they have experience servicing facilities similar to yours.
    Compare pricing and number of labor hours each company is bidding.
    ♦ Be wary of cheap prices – remember you will always get what you pay for…
    Make sure to get a certificate of insurance along with auto insurance and TWC insurance for their employees.